Many factors influence the competitiveness of a company nowadays. The degree of innovation at the plant level, the visibility on the global market, the ability to provide not only cutting-edge systems but complete solutions to increasingly demanding customers. 

But where does Logistics stand in the ranking of a company’s priority today, on a scale from 1 to 10? ‘’I would rank Logistics 4.0 at 9 or even 10. Machine performance management and condition monitoring are in full swing, and many companies have achieved considerable optimizations in terms of uptime and productivity.’’ declared Matthias Hülsmann, Vice President Connected Logistics at Bosch Connected Industry, during our conversation around these topics. 

Today, many processes of the intralogistics material flow have not been automated yet and consume many resources. Bosch Connected Industry has worked a lot in the last few years to enhance user experience in intra- and extralogistics, and the company's efforts in this direction can be summarized in the Nexeed Connected Logistics solutions, developed together with production and logistics users like forklift drivers.