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1. Please fill-out the application from and stamp it and then post or fax it to organizing committee.

2. Please make the payment within 5 working day when your booth has been confirmed. Otherwise, your booth can not be reserved; and the balance will be payed before 20, Jan., 2020.

3. Booth booking principles: "first booking & payment, first booth arrangement  ". The Organizing Committee will offer invoice and "exhibition manual" to the exhibitors when the full payment is received.

4. If exhibitors who have booked their stands give up participation, the deposit can not be returned. Also, sublet stands, fake & inferior products are forbidden.

5. In order to ensure that the overall image, the organizing committee have rights to adjust some of booths.

6. The fake products, sublet, resell the booth is prohibited; or you will be disqualified from participating.