2020 Shanghai Intralogistics & Process Management Exhibition (IntraLOGI 2020), with the theme of  “Innovation for Better Future”, will open on July, 1-4, 2020 at National Exhibition Convention Center (Shanghai)  ( Halls of 1H, 2H, 3H, 4.1H, NH ). IntraLOGI2020 is hosted by China Association of Plant Engineering, cover the exhibiting sections of Materials Handling, Loading Technology & systems; Lifting Equipment, Warehousing & Operational Equipment; Packing, Weighting& Measuring; Production Robots & Automation Technology; Logistics Service & Outsourcing Partners, etc. Truly we offer you system optimization solutions from modern industrial production to intralogistics & process management. 

“The 13th Five-Year Plan(2016-2020)”Clearly put forward the latest plan on development  of logistic & warehousing and traffic, which will relize integration, containerization, networked, socialization and intelligence. 2020 is the last year of “The 13th Five-Year Plan”; also, it is the key prio for national development goals. Shanghai, as core areas of China economy and finance, as well as national policy of “the Belt & Road”, " Industry4.0" and "Made in China 2025" , it has special advantages of location, traffic, industrial, technology and informatiom, etc.

The last IntraLOGI won a complete success with space 90,000 square meters, more than 1000 exhibitorses and nearly 110000 visitors. The participants mainly from industriy areas of automotive, transportation, clothing, chemicals, paper-making, tobacco, shipbuilding, electronics, food & beverage, medicine, medical, aerospace, printing & packaging, precision machine tools, logistics service providers and so on. For the demands of more exhibitors, IntraLOGI2020 will expand to 120,000 square meters, and it is  expected that we will have about 1,300 exhibiting companies and 110,000 visitors attendingthe grand event.